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Luminous data line

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Luminous data line

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Product name:Luminous data line





Emission data line structure is composed of a plurality of metal copper wire winding made, and can respectively control independent metal copper wire, through a multi-channel drive control a variety of flashing, to achieve a variety of different types of flashing combination. As long as the current charge to charge the device through a data line, it will send the flow of light. Shenzhen Yufeng Electronics Co. Ltd. is a light emitting data line manufacturers and suppliers.

The main characteristics of emission data line:

1, connect the computer to enable USB2.0 data transmission function and charging function.

2, connect the USB adapter for charging line function.

3, full visualization of the current charge, with the change of the current size of the flow rate from fast to slow, the battery is full after the streamer stopped flowing and extinguished.

4, intelligent charging management, automatic detection stop (recovery) recharge and put out (start) streamer. Iphone5S/5C/6 (6.0~8.0) Android models spotlight data line

5, selection of high quality standard adapter

6, the use of ultra low energy consumption of energy-saving EL technology, produce a cold light source, the night does not affect sleep
360, 7 degree full angle luminescence

8 wire, soft, folding does not affect the charging performance, light knot

9, intelligent charging, automatic stop light saturation indication, full power

10, easy to use: can be connected for use in mobile power supply, home charging, car, computer

11, color: black blue, black and red, black green, black purple, white and blue, white and red, white green, white and purple, pink

10, the implementation of national security standard gauge production process: product spotlight life of 4000 hours, environmental

protection, non-toxic, non noise, the spotlight is not chaos sequence.

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